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Women's Ministries In Middlesbrough Church

The Women's Ministries meetings were started in 1994. We get spiritual feeding, comfort, prayers, love, trust and we listen to each other's needs and pray for each other. We are very close to one another.

Here are some comments from the ladies about Women's Ministries:

"Before becoming a born again Christian, when I look back the Women's Ministries gave me great encouragement. We cover all topics, bible studies, everyday life, but most of all there is a great understanding of each other's needs, both spiritually and everyday life. We are blessed with our fellowship, which has lots of love, laughter, kindness, learning and being there for one another. Women's Ministries was my inspiration to become baptized and I have never looked back. God bless us all."

"Our gathering together at the Women's Ministries helps us find fellowship, friendship and understanding, also our need for prayer is shared with each other. We can also pray for others of like faith, study God's word and leave our burdens in His care to deal with and our faith is strengthened."

What is Ministry?
“Ministry is demonstrating God’s love by meeting the needs of those who already know Him as well as those who can be reached for Him.” (A designer's guide for creative Women's Ministries)

Middlesbrough Women’s Ministries follow the guidelines from North England Conference Women’s Ministries Department and have adopted their mission statement:

Women's Ministries logo "Every Woman Restored to Serve"

The Women's Ministries department exists to train, encourage, nurture and challenge women of all ages to reach others for Christ through mentoring our young women, promoting daily Bible study and prayer and engaging in acts of Christian service in our churches and communities. – (NEC Women's Ministries)

Middlesbrough Women’s Ministries Department holds three local events each year which sometimes are held jointly by other Area 1 churches Women’s Ministries Teams:

  • ABUSE PREVENTION EMPHASIS DAY (First Sabbath in September)

    These special days in the church calendar are a real blessing to everyone and enable our women to participate with their special gifts.

    In addition to local events there are Conference-wide programmes each year which local women are encouraged to attend:

    Mums and Daughters (April)
    NEC WM Retreat (October)

    One Day Events:
    Women Together Conference (2nd Sunday May)
    Women Restored Conference (September)


    Founder and director of the programme is BUC Women's Ministries director, Sharon Platt-McDonald, who has said that the idea of Women of Virtue is not a new one and that God had been speaking to her specifically about the life of the virtuous woman outlined in Proverbs 31:10-31 for many years. In 2007, she was further led to the idea of formatting 13 key principles which now form the basis for the Women of Virtue programme.
    1. Godly Character
    2. Women as Singles
    3. Women as Wives
    4. Women as Home-makers
    5. Women as Providers
    6. Women as Mothers
    7. Maintains Her Appearance
    8. A Strong Woman
    9. Women who are Industrious
    10. Women as Investors
    11. Women as Community Activists
    12. Personal Development
    13. Encouraging and Affirming Excellence

    There are various materials available to study the programme further and each year BUC Women’s Ministries Department organises special conference days on the programme subjects.
    Pray Picture

    Websites for more information:

    General Conference http://www.adventistwomensministries.org

    British Union Conference http://www.adventist.org.uk/departments/women-ministries

    North England Conference  http://www.adventist.uk/nec/departments/womens-ministries

    The Middlesbrough Women's Ministries have setup a Prayer Chain. If you have a Prayer Request and wish us to pray for you, please fill in the form below. If you wish to remain anonymous your name and email address are not required.

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