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Helpful Presentations

We hope that these presentations will prove to be useful.

Pastoral Visitation

We are trying to encourage a culture of visitation to strengthen the membership of the Church. Recently Pastor Fred Mapp came to Middlesbrough to share with us some insights about visitation that he has developed. We thought that his presentation had some merit and so we are making it available on this site.

Guidance for Finding a Marriage Partner
Choosing a marriage partner can be very difficult. Pastror Cyril Sweeney was invited to talk to the Middlesbrough Church's young people on this subject. It was felt that the advice that he gave was so useful that it should be made available to a wider audience. You are welcome to read his advice. We hope that it proves to be useful.

Deep Space Nebula
We thought you might be interested in this photo taken by one of our members in Middlesbrough, Larry Todd. He says that the shot of M42 in Orion was 5 x 1 minute exposures summed together, taken with a 135mm lens piggybacked on a 200mm Schmidt Cassegrain telescope using a Starlight Express MX916 CCDcamera. M42 is a bright diffuse nebula lying about 1500 light years away. In other words, it has taken light, which travels at 186,000 miles per second, 1500 years or so to reach earth, we are seeing the nebula as it was 1500 years ago!

Click on the picture to see it larger

Larry also recorded planet Mars on 28th October, 2005

Click on the picture to see it larger

Larry recorded planet Saturn on 12th December, 2005

Click on the picture to see it larger